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    I am a housewife and had a lot of spare time on hand, as my children grew up. I was recommended Vestige products for my age related problems. I was really impressed by the results I got and started recommending the products and the business to my friends and relatives. It took time but I never realized that I could build up such a huge business. Thanks to the support given by the company, I have been able to achieve high levels of success.

  • Mr. Ramesh Punhani


    I am an electrical engineer by education and was running my own business before joining Vestige. I had to shut down my manufacturing unit and was looking for a business where I could actually be my own boss. I joined Vestige at a very early stage and have never looked back since. I reached the Silver Director level within the first month and became a Star Director soon after. I truly believe in encouraging my downlines and helping them become successful. I devote a large amount of time in inculcating the Vestige culture in my team.

  • Mr. Ramesh Punhani


    I was into business of my own before I joined Vestige. The going was good but it was not exactly the way I wanted to lead my life. I joined Vestige after being impressed by the Marketing Plan. I could see that this system with consistent efforts will surely fulfill my dreams. My growth in Vestige was fast and I achieved all the levels in no time. Now I have my business spread all across India.

  • Mr. Ramesh Punhani


    I took up MLM at the age of 21 and became a distributor while I was still in college. As time passed I did achieve success but to constantly maintain it was not an easy task. Even with all my efforts I was unable to generate the amount of success I was aiming for. I even thought of taking up a job and quitting MLM. Then I was introduced to Vestige and after seeing the Marketing Plan and the products, my hope got restored. I have achieved 300% more success than I could have earned by working anywhere else. The secret to success is to be a "System Man", to follow the system religiously and duplicate it.

  • Mr. Ramesh Punhani


    I was an income tax consultant. When I came to know about MLM eleven years ago, I knew this is where I could generate more income. After 10 years of working with other MLM companies, I realized that the stability and income for which I joined MLM still eluded me. Joining Vestige was a tough decision for me, but when I chose Vestige I saw that I would be able to make my downlines successful too. This is the best decision I could have ever taken. I believe this is possible through "In your success, lies our success".

  • Mr. Ramesh Punhani


    I am a housewife while my husband is a finance consultant. We have been a part of Network Marketing for over 14 years. Even after working for 12 years we were not able to earn the income we had always dreamt of. I joined Vestige in 2009 and have achieved the Double Universal Crown Director level in a very short span of time. Now we are immensely satisfied with the income that Vestige has helped us earn with its high performing products and easy to follow Marketing Plan. My message to everyone is that if you religiously devote your time and effort towards your Vestige business and simply duplicate the system, the amount of income and success you can achieve is unimaginable. There are many live examples who have reached high levels of achievement so it is not just a dream but a reality you can also be a part of.

  • Mr. Jatindra Nayak


    I was looking for a business that could provide me a comfortable income. I had tried other direct selling companies but the results that I achieved were not up to the mark. I saw the Vestige Marketing Plan and was amazed at the amount of prospects it offered. I did not waste any time and began promoting Vestige as soon as I received my training. My belief is just to consume the products, follow the system, implement the plans and never give up; success is just around the corner.

  • Mr. Ashok Ghosh


    I used to think that I was jinxed! My business in my earlier MLM ventures used to fall prey to unforeseen circumstances, which kept me struggling. Looking at the pace at which ordinary people were becoming successful in Vestige, I thought that I can definitely do better because of my experience and positive attitude. The training support offered by my upline and the education system helped me immensely. Success is actually so sweet. Thank you my upline & Vestige.

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